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PgMP® Exam Preparation

Información del Curso

Código del Curso: PGM520

Precio: €1075

42 días de acceso


Learn how to:

  • Design the study approach best suited for your preparation
  • Recall and apply the mathematical formulas that will appear on the exam
  • Recognise the “best” and most comprehensive answers

Course Synopsis

Developed with the input of certified Programme Management Professionals (PgMPs), ESI’s PgMP® Exam Preparation course provides participants with a foundation for understanding the nuances and details of the Project Management Institute’s PgMP® certification exam. The course, facilitated by a certified PgMP®, will focus your studies on the information you will need in order to successfully prepare for and pass the PgMP® certification exam. This course is not designed to instruct you in the basics of programme management, but instead to review those concepts and guide you on the terminology and the approach taken in the PgMP® exam.

As a result of taking this course, you will become familiar with the types of questions on the PgMP® exam. You will be able to describe PMI’s perspective on how programme management is conducted – including the phases of a programme and the three themes of programme management (benefits management, stakeholder management, and governance management), and determine what approach to use when you do not know the answer to an exam question.

You will use practice exams to gain a better understanding of the concepts and approach used in the PgMP® exam.

PgMP® Exam Preparation is for the programme manager who has a solid understanding of programme management and is now prepared to take the exam, but wants to ensure that the terminology, practices and approaches that he or she uses mirror the way they are expressed on the exam.

Participants will receive ESI’s PgMP® Exam: Practice Test and Study Guide, featuring hundreds of sample questions and answers compiled by certified Programme Management Professionals with first-hand experience taking the PgMP® exam.

Note: This course does not cover the PgMP® application process, but rather is designed to teach you how to pass the exam.

Course Topics

  1. Foundations of Programme Management
    1. Overview of Programmes and Programme Management
    2. The Three Themes of Programme Management
    3. The Programme Life Cycle
  2. Defining the Programme
    1. What Is Involved in Programme Definition?
    2. Making the Business Case
    3. Identifying Programme Stakeholders and Developing the Stakeholder Management Plan
    4. Establishing Programme Governance Procedures
  3. Initiating the Programme
    1. What Is Programme Initiation?
    2. Establishing a Programme Governance Structure
    3. Authorising Constituent Projects
    4. Creating the Programme Team and the Programme Office
    5. Planning for Programme Benefits
    6. Analysing Stakeholder Expectations
  4. Planning the Programme
    1. What Is Programme Planning?
    2. Planning for Benefits Management
    3. Communicating to Programme Stakeholders
    4. The Importance of the Programme Management Plan
    5. Scope Definition and the Programme Work Breakdown Structure
    6. Communications Planning
    7. Interface and Transition Planning
    8. Schedule, Cost, and Resource Planning
    9. Quality Planning
    10. Risk Management Planning and Analysis
    11. Planning Purchases, Acquisitions, and Contracts
  5. Executing the Programme
    1. What Is Programme Execution?
    2. Executing the Programme
    3. Performing Quality Assurance
    4. Acquiring and Developing the Programme Team
    5. Managing the Procurement and Contract Process
    6. Distributing Programme Information to Stakeholders
  6. Controlling the Programme
    1. What Is Programme Control?
    2. Monitoring Programme Benefits
    3. Integrated Change Control
    4. Monitoring Programme Scope and Performing Quality Control
    5. Controlling Programme Resources, Cost, and Schedule
    6. Managing Programme Issues and Risks
    7. Reporting Programme Performance to Stakeholders and the Governance Board
    8. Programme Contract Administration
  7. Closing the Programme
    1. What Is Programme Closeout?
    2. Closing the Programme
    3. Closing Out Programme Components
    4. Closing Out Programme Contracts
    5. Managing the Programme Transition Plan

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