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Quality for Project Managers

Información del Curso

Código del Curso: QTY510

Precio: €920 + IVA

42 días de acceso


Learn how to:

  • Select from common models of quality management
  • Apply the five common principles of quality leadership in your project
  • Use continuous process improvement tools with confidence
  • Implement quality concepts at the process and project levels
  • Calculate the cost of non-conformance in your project
  • Develop a project quality plan that works with your project goals and structures

Course Synopsis

As economic pressures and competition continue to increase, many organisations are instituting continuous improvement programs to enhance the quality of their products and services, increase productivity, and reduce costs. These organisations employ proven leadership and management techniques to exceed their customers’ expectations consistently, improve organisational processes, and create positive and dynamic working environments.

Whether they call the programme total quality management, total process improvement, quality improvement process, or something else, world-class organisations agree that continuous improvement is the key to long-term competitiveness and survival. Project managers must incorporate quality principles to bring projects in line with corporate quality improvement goals. This course shows you how quality management concepts integrate with project management practices to create a system for implementing quality methods in a project plan.

You will learn about the philosophy and principles of continuous improvement and see how to translate these concepts into specific actions that are key to successful improvement efforts. Quality practices are illustrated by case studies and success stories. You will complete extensive exercises by using online tools and by applying what you have learned from lectures and readings. The text for the course is Quality Management for Projects and Programs by Lewis R. Ireland.

The strategies of continuous process improvement dovetail with project management concepts to increase your control over objectives, work, and performance. Master these proven methods and discover how quality contributes to project success.

Nb. Participants enrolled in this course should not take Managing Software Quality.

Course Topics

  1. Delivering Quality Has Become an Imperative
    1. The changing global outlook
    2. Lessons from U.S. industry
    3. Root causes
    4. Projected trends
    5. Proven benefits
  2. Commitment to World-Class Management
    1. Commitment to world-class quality
    2. Quality vs. cost
    3. Leadership
    4. Customer focus
    5. Measuring customers’ expectations
    6. Measuring service quality
    7. Process orientation
    8. Continuous improvement
    9. Teamwork
    10. Best practices
    11. Cost of quality
  3. Customer Focus
    1. Identification of customers
    2. Customer requirements
    3. Characteristics of product quality
    4. Characteristics of service quality
  4. Process Orientation
    1. Customer/supplier model
    2. Process management
    3. Best practices
  5. Continuous Process Improvement: Concepts, Tools, and Variation
    1. Idea generation and organisation
    2. Brainstorming
    3. Affinity diagrams and decision trees
    4. Assessment
    5. Using benchmarks
    6. Cost of quality
    7. Problem solving
    8. Plan-do-check-act cycle
    9. Process improvement model
    10. Seven basic tools
    11. Variation
    12. Common and special causes
    13. Statistical process control
    14. Design development
    15. Quality function deployment
    16. Design of experiments
    17. ISO 9000
  6. Quality Team Concepts
    1. Types and uses of teams
    2. Team charter
    3. Effective team meetings
    4. Team roles
    5. Value of teams
    6. Quality team behaviours

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PMBOK® knowledge areas:

  • Project Quality Management
  • Project Risk Management
  • Project Communication Management

Professional Development Units (PDU): 22.5

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