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Risk Management

Información del Curso

Código del Curso: RSK520

Precio: €920 + IVA

42 días de acceso


Learn how to:

  • Manage project risk using a proven process
  • Use quantitative and qualitative techniques to assess and categorise the risks inherent in any project
  • Identify acceptable levels of risk and assess the potential impact of risk factors
  • Control project risk using proven tools and techniques
  • Overcome psychological barriers to risk in stakeholders and team members
  • Get project sponsors to recognise that risk management actually saves money

Course Synopsis

Risk is the project manager’s inescapable partner. Arm yourself with a practical, process-orientated approach to managing the risk and uncertainty that are part of any project. Examine risk management in the context of the project life cycle, and identify the critical issues in assessing, limiting, and responding to risk. You’ll learn qualitative and quantitative techniques for assessing the impact of risk, and you’ll gain experience applying risk management strategies within a structured framework.

Each lesson in the course includes a realistic scenario and a problem related to risk—similar to those you face every day as a project manager—along with resources that will enable you to solve the problem. Reading assignments supplement what you learn in the lessons. Threaded discussion questions enable you to apply the content of the lessons to your own work situation, interact with other students, and receive personalised instructor feedback.

Take the uncertainty out of managing uncertainly with the proven strategies detailed in this powerful course. You’ll get a roadmap for steering clear of unnecessary risk and mitigating the impact of unavoidable challenges.

Nb. Participants attending this course should not take Software Risk Management.

Course Topics

  1. Introduction to Risk Management
    1. What exactly is risk?
    2. Why is it important to manage risk?
    3. Is there a process for managing risk?
  2. Idea Generation
    1. What are some techniques for identifying risks?
    2. How should a risk event statement be written?
    3. What are the common categories of risk?
  3. Risk Analysis
    1. How are risks analysed?
    2. What's the difference between qualitative and quantitative risk analysis?
    3. How do you quantify probability and impact?
  4. Expected Value and Decision Trees
    1. What is expected monetary value (EMV) and how is it useful?
    2. What are decision trees and how can you use them to calculate probability and EMV?
  5. Quantitative Analysis Tools
    1. What is PERT analysis?
    2. What is a Monte Carlo simulation?
    3. How can you use ESI's Risk Assessment Model™ (RAM™) to determine the overall risk of a project?
    4. What techniques can you use to prioritise which risks to address?
  6. Risk Response Development
    1. What are the different ways you can respond to risk events?
    2. How do you determine the best risk response strategy?
    3. What are risk reserves?
  7. Risk Monitoring and Control
    1. How do you implement risk response strategies?
    2. How can you tell if your risk response strategies are working?
    3. Why is risk reassessment and documentation important?
  8. A Risk Recap
    1. In this unit you will apply the entire risk management process to a single, high-tech project.

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PMBOK® knowledge areas:

  • Project Risk Management

Professional Development Units (PDU): 28.0

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